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Visit Tulum: some useful tips

Visit Tulum: some useful tips

The walled city of Tulum is located in the south of Playa del Carmen and is very easy to access this renowned tourist city of Riviera Maya. There is the  possibility of approaching by a very reduced price to this destination by public transport, as well as numerous tours, which you can book from your accommodation. The visit can be done in a particular way and is just amazingly interesting, although we must move in a particular way and get the tickets at the entrance.

In this article we will offer you a few tips to make the most of your visit to Tulum and can be done in the most comfortable way. The walled city of Tulum is 65 km away from Playa del Carmen and about 128 km from Cancun, so it is easy to reach it from either of the two cities.

Some tips to visit Tulum and enjoy this beautiful city:

The first tip that we’re going to offer when visiting Tulum is go fully equipped to walk a lot. Comfortable footwear is essential to carry out the visit with comfort and without losing anything of what it has to offer. In addition, it is important to wear comfortable clothes, since the Sun can cause heat to make you sweat enough. A cap to protect the head, sunscreen to avoid burns, insect repellent for mosquitoes (which is essential, since it is next to the forest, and there are always mosquitoes) and above all, water to hydrate, since in the ruins there is no place where you can buy it.

As in many monuments and places of interest, it’s best to arrive early. This means that it is better to arrive when they open the facilities and be the first to access. Thus you can avoid crowds, so you can visit it with more calm. This is important especially on Sunday, since it is a day in which Mexicans have free access and it may be an agglomeration of people.

If you use a non-slip footwear, you can access less traveled areas, where this type of shoes or slippers allow easier access.

In this area, they do not admit credit cards and they are also reluctant to accept dollars. It is better to bring cash and in local currency, to avoid last-minute surprises. The towel and a bathing suit, should not be forgotten either since once inside it is possible to access the beaches, to take a dip and enjoy the sea in that area. There are shops where to rent diving equipment, so it is also convenient, whether you want to practice this sport, take it from the accommodation.

There is a guide service, allowing to know well the history of Tulum thanks to their explanations. It is always recommended to do this guided tour, since it is not the same visit the city on your own rather than plunging into its secrets thanks to the explanations offered.

With these tips, you can enjoy the trip to Tulum without problems and know one of the most impressive Mayan cities of the Riviera Maya.

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