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Tulum, the walled city of Riviera Maya

Tulum, the walled city of Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya has among its tourist attractions the presence of a large amount of remains dating back to Mayan times, so it is an ideal complement to enjoy the culture of the region while sunbathing and hundreds of water activities are carried out. The town of Tulum is located in the Archaeological Park of the same name and contains important buildings, which date back to about the year 1200, its time of maximum splendor.

The name of Tulum means «Wall» and it started to being applied a few years ago. Its original name was Zamá, which means «Dawn«. It is located in the South of Quintana Roo, about 65 km from Playa del Carmen and about 128 km from Cancun, from which is arrived by the federal highway 307, which runs parallel to the coast of Riviera Maya.

Tulum, the walled city that hides the archaeological treasures of the Mayan civilization, in Riviera Maya.

Tulum means «Wall» and that is exactly the reason why it is worldwide known, for having a spectacular wall surrounding the city on the South, West and North sides being free to the East, which is where it opens to the Caribbean Sea. This wall has five accesses and two watchtowers, from which access is controlled.

El Castillo, the highest area of Tulum, where a temple with three entrances and decorated with animal figures can be found in this city. In front of El Castillo there is a platform of dances and on the southwest side stands the Temple of the Initial Series, in which was found the oldest date referred to Tulum, 565 A.D.

In Tulum you can visit two more temples, the Temple of the Descending God and the Temple of the Frescoes, where the murals transmitting part of Mayan mythological culture can be appreciated. Other buildings that stand in Tulum are palaces and more temples, which credited the variety of gods and mythological beings whom rendered worship its ancient inhabitants to.

When visiting Tulum it is highly recommendable to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing, but that cover entirely the body. The sun may suppose a problem and it is better to avoid scares. The archaeological site of Tulum has parking and service areas, as well as it counts with a mall not linked to it, so you can go with complete peace of mind. From the parking area to Tulum there is approximately one kilometer, that can be crossed on board of a small tourist train, although it implies an extra cost.

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