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Discover the second reef in Riviera Maya

Discover the second reef in Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya area has many interesting places, places that take us back to the Mayan civilization or that show us the benefits of overflowing nature that explodes in the jungle that grows in Quintana Roo. You can enjoy the great adventures that this area offers you.

Diving can be practiced in the sea that bathes its coasts, but one of the busiest places in the area is the great barrier reef that extends off the coast of Riviera Maya. It is the second world’s largest coral barrier and receives the name of the System Arreficial Mexican (SAM). This great barrier stretches 1,000 kilometers and part of it is located near the coast of Riviera Maya.

The great barrier reef in Riviera Maya hides amazing natural jewels that you can discover diving.

This great Arreficial Mexican system (or Mesoamerican) has a wide variety of fauna and flora, as well as being composed of several species of coral. 65 different species of stony corals, along with those swim around 500 species of fish and 350 mollusks that live in it. From rays to the big whale, passing through the wide variety of tropical fish and Sharks swim by this complex and rich ecosystem.

Other animals that can be seen swimming freely on the coral system are turtles and manatees, accompanying the diver in any of the zones that are enabled for diving. The coral reef starts at Contoy island and passes through Belize, Guatemala, and ends in Honduras, in addition to offering its wealth to Mexican waters.

Isla Mujeres, Punta Nizuc, the Machones reef, Cozumel island and the underwater Museum of art of Cancun (MUSA) are the most important for diving in the coral reef. They are places where you can enjoy a great time feeling free between the nature of Riviera Maya.

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