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Parque Garrafón in Isla Mujeres

Parque Garrafón in Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is located only 25 minutes from Cancun and is one of the favourite destinations for visitors in Riviera Maya, enjoying everything this Mexican place has to offer. It’s a small island, but it can be found almost everything that makes large Riviera Maya and all the magic and excitement that can be found in it.

One of those places where to enjoy is Parque Garrafon, which is located at the South of Isla Mujeres. It is an adventure park where you can do snorkeling at the coral reef which is beneath its waters, but that hides many surprises for visitors to this beautiful island in the Riviera Maya.

In Parque Garrafón you can live the thrill of the «snorkel» and many other adventure activities

In Parque Garrafón you can enjoy the quiet and relaxing waters that bathe its beach. A few meters from the coast are found the reefs, where the visitors can snorkel and let the amazing sensations invade them.

But Parque Garrafón offers not only this unique experience, but it also allows other intense activities. For example, it is possible to embark on the zip lines that depart from the ground but that end up in the water, making the brave one that uses them fly over the turquoise water surrounding Isla Mujeres. The feeling of letting ourselves be carried away by gravity, subject to this wire that keeps the daring securely while approaching the end.

There are many possibilities to get carried away in Parque Garrafón of Isla Mujeres. You can rent kayaks to navigate the waters close to the shore, or simply rent a bike to get to the stunning cliffs that are opened on the coast.

You can also enjoy good food in the restaurant of the Park, where to restock on energy and rest in one of the hammocks that exist in the same garden. You can also hire one of the most beautiful experiences in Riviera Maya, sharing a time swimming with dolphins, something that is not possible in every place.

Parque Garrafón of Isla Mujeres is one of the must-see to experience the authentic taste of the Riviera Maya and having in one place many activities that can live in the Mexican Caribbean.

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