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An underwater stroll with diving suit in Xcaret

An underwater stroll with diving suit in Xcaret

Riviera Maya has a great variety of submarine fauna which is possible to dive in with. But, apart from this modality of sunken swim, there are many others that allow the participants to go walking peacefully through the seabed and with the relief provided by a diving suit that is connected by tubes with to surface. With this diving suit, that receives the name of Sea Trek, it is possible to walk through the seabed, along an established track and discover many of the secrets hidden in the waters of the Caribbean.

This route lasts 30 minutes, from which 10 are carried out of the water as a quick course where it is explained the operation of the diving suit and the route that is about to be done. The rest 20 minutes take place under the water, in a depth of 4 meters and with the company of an instructor that looks after everything to be OK.

The diving suit Sea Trek of Xcaret allows you to walk through the seabed accompanied by rays.

The Xcaret park is the place where this walk through the seabed can be done at a depth of 4 meters. The price includes a diving suit and special boots to walk underwater. It is an easy route and suitable for kids over 8 years old that will be able to hold the security equipment. During the submarine stroll, part of the fauna that lives in this area can be appreciated, which adds a plus to the experience.

The instructors that accompany the visitors during the visit are attentive and they communicate with their pupils underwater to mark the interest points all along the route. In the route with the rays, it is possible for the visitors to interact with them, touching them and enjoying the experience next to them. In this case, the time of the submarine walk is quite longer and allows a bigger integration with the surroundings.

The activity takes place every 30 minutes since 11:00 a.m. until 17:00 p.m. It is better to book it as soon as you arrive to Xcaret park just to assure the time in which you want to take part in the experience. It is organized in reduced groups and it could be surprises as the capacity is full and there are no free places left.