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Tequila: the national beverage of Mexico

Tequila: the national beverage of Mexico

When traveling to Mexico, there are things that should not be forgotten. One of them is to enjoy the friendliness of the people of that happy country, the quality of their services to visitors and the richness of its gastronomy. But also don’t miss the try of the national beverage of the country. Always with moderation, as it is a strong drink and with high alcohol content. Tequila drinks in short drinks, with the accompaniment of salt and lime to soften its effect.

Tequila is the final point to any dinner or strong food and it is believed to help to digest the food and clean the stomach. It is something like our traditional liquors, but different, with another flavor, other nuances and other effects. Tequila is taken with a pinch of salt, which kills the dry taste of the drink. Then the liquor is taken, and finally, a slice of lemon is used to combat the high alcohol content.

Tequila is the official beverage of Mexico and you cannot visit this country without trying it, but always with moderation.

Tequila is distilled and fermented for centuries from the juice of the blue agave, which is called Agave Tequiliana. The strangest thing, and it is a fact that is not known too, is that it is only possible to distill in five states of Mexico: Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, Tamaulipas, and of course in the whole state of Jalisco, which is the hometown of Tequila. In the first States it can only be distilled in three populations of each of them, because they border with Jalisco.

The manufacturing of the tequila process is divided in jima, hydrolysis, extraction, formulation, fermentation, distilling, maturing and in your case, filtration and packaging. Once distilled, it can be used for its packaging to be consumed as young tequila or white tequila, although you can also book to convert it in rested tequila, añejo or extra añejo, which gives you another flavor and quality.

Just as there are handmade wine producers, there are also ones producing tequila in this way, escaping from industrial processes. These handmade tequila producers offer their product at more exclusive levels and it is more expensive. There are some people who prefer it over the industrial tequila and say that it has a more intense and powerful flavor.

Anyway, it’s one of those things that should not be missed during the visit to Riviera Maya. Do you dare to try a few drinks with their salt and lemon?