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Visit the Park of adventure Xplore in Playa del Carmen

Xplore Park is only five minutes far from the Centre of Playa del Carmen and allows you to enjoy nature while swimming in underground rivers and fly over the jungle thanks to the zip lines that run through the facilities of the Park from the heights.

Discover the best beaches of Playa del Carmen on Riviera Maya

In Playa del Carmen you can find fine sand beaches with crystal clear waters, which make the delight of visitors and residents of the town, ideal places to enjoy the tranquility of the area, but also of the festive atmosphere that there is in them.

Visit the Park Río Secreto of Riviera Maya

The park Río Secreo allows swimming, “snorkeling” and walking through a series of half-flooded caves that are catalogued 12 kilometers long, although only 600 meters can be visited, enjoying the crystal-clear waters and observing the wonders that the water has created in its ceilings, walls and floors.

Diving in the coral reef of Puerto Morelos

In Puerto Morelos it can be found in any of the artificial coral reefs of Riviera Maya, thanks to the warships that have sunk there and that serve as habitat for hundreds of marine species living in its waters.

Swimming with dolphins in Playa del Carmen

One of the most interesting things to discover in Playa del Carmen and in Riviera Maya is swimming with dolphins and sharing a moment with them in the pool, enjoying an intense day getting to know these cetaceans.

Captain Hook, a pirate dinner in Cancun

Discover the experience of having dinner on a pirate cruise at Playa del Carmen, living a boarding into a pirate enemy boat show and enjoying on board of the Captain Hook.

Learn how to dive into Playa del Carmen

People who don’t know how to scuba-dive can take lessons at any of our diving centers at Playa del Carmen, enjoy its seabed and can swim with sharks, rays and corals.

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