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Boca Paila, a fishing village in Sian Ka´an

Tulum is a very special Riviera Maya corner, although it has not only as a known attraction the ruins of the Mayan city which receives many visits within the year. In its surroundings there are very breathtaking places that almost escape from the crowds that occur elsewhere in Riviera Maya. In the South of Tulum […]

Visit Tulum: some useful tips

The walled city of Tulum is located in the south of Playa del Carmen and is very easy to access this renowned tourist city of Riviera Maya. There is the  possibility of approaching by a very reduced price to this destination by public transport, as well as numerous tours, which you can book from your […]

The Temple of Kukuklan at Chichen Itza

If there is a Mayan city that holds many secrets and is the most visited of Riviera Maya, this is Chichén Itzá. It is located about 181 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and with beautiful beaches, which represents a journey of two hours from this interesting tourist spot. The city was built in the year […]

Typical cocktails in Playa del Carmen

As each area of the world, Riviera Maya has also developed its own cuisine over the years in the kitchens of their homes and then moved to the restaurants that tourists visit throughout the year. It is not only counts with rich and diverse dishes, but also combined for those that make the stay at […]

Chichen Itzá, the most important remains of Riviera Maya

When you think of remains of the Mayan civilization, the first city that comes up to your mind is Chichen Itzá, the most important and best known of Riviera Maya. In fact, these remains have been considered as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the best-preserved and most […]

Weather in Riviera Maya

It is important to know the weather forecast of our travel destination in order to include one type of clothes or another in our luggage.

What to visit from Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen which, due to its precise location, is known as the Heart of Riviera Maya, from that place we recommend you to visit these 10 beautiful places.

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