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San Miguel de Cozumel, the most important place of Cozumel

San Miguel de Cozumel, the most important place of Cozumel

Visiting Cozumel Island is one of the pleasures that can be experienced in the Riviera Maya. In this island you can breathe the atmosphere of the Mexican Caribbean and is ideal for long strolls and a great variety of water sports. From diving to water skiing, surfing and other possibilities are some of the examples that make this corner of the Riviera Maya an idyllic place to enjoy with the ones you love the most.

San Miguel de Cozumel, the city that serves as a nerve center of the island is located on the West side of Cozumel island. This city is where many cruise ships that arrive to the dock area, and allow visitors who disembark from them can get closer to the wonders that brings the Island of Cozumel.

San Miguel de Cozumel is the point of reception of the Cozumel island cruises and where is concentrated the largest number of services.

The city of San Miguel de Cozumel is built around a main square, in front of it, it is opened the ferry port which connects to the port of Playa del Carmen. The city is extended from North to South, along the beach and, is in that area close to the sea, where guests can find the greatest number of restaurants, hotels and typical cocktails.

Being a place of scale of cruises, shops are oriented towards this type of customers. In the Grand Avenue next to the sea, are located the establishments which sell duty-free luxury goods and keep part of the economy of the island.

The restoration is represented by a number of establishments that represent not only the traditional cuisine of the Riviera Maya, but it is also possible to find a wide variety of establishments offering from elaborate menus at a higher price than the average, to other cheaper restaurants that do not detract the others.

It counts with three terminals for cruises, where scale a good number of them throughout the year. This allows the existence of a great tourist infrastructure. In addition, it counts with a sports harbor and other services that allow the arrival of service ships, necessary to provide the tourism infrastructure of food and materials.

In the center you can visit a museum that explains from how the first inhabitants arrived in the island, the Mayan culture which gave it its splendour and the arrival of the Spanish colonizers, to the present day. This museum is a good choice to know the Mayan culture that existed in Cozumel island and to see how they lived at that time and how were its people.