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Visit the Park Xel Há, the aquatic paradise

Visit the Park Xel Há, the aquatic paradise

Xel Há, the aquatic paradise of Riviera Maya.

Xel Há is located about 50 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and it can be accessed via the Cancun-Tulum highway 307, and in only 40 minutes it can be reached. It’s a sustainable tourist park that allows the visitor to enjoy the best of nature and of a complex comfortably installed with a great variety of buffets and bars with unlimited drinks.

At Xel Há it is possible to find a cove where the river joins the ocean, creating a space for fresh and salt water and where you can see about 70 marine species that coexist in this settlement where adventure and nature go hand in hand.

The creek that forms the Park Xel Há allows the salt water of the ocean to enter, while the fresh water of the river leaves, reaching it through different channels. The difference in density between both waters, combined with the prevailing temperature, causes a curious mirror effect on the surface, which makes it a very special place.

In the Park you can enjoy various water sports, where snorkeling is, possibly, the most popular one. With the glasses that are available at different enabled points, it is possible to dive together with the different species of fish that live in the waters of the Park.

There are also areas of adventure where you can enjoy slides, jumps and other aquatic activities that allow the visitor to have a good time in a framework that can be crossed through walking, by bike or on the mini train that travels around the facilities.

The sustainability of the natural area is one of the objectives of the aquatic paradise that is the Park Xel Há, so special care is taken in the use of water and the conservation of the species that live in it.