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Visit the Park Río Secreto of Riviera Maya

Visit the Park Río Secreto of Riviera Maya

The park Río Secreto (Secret River) is one of the amusement parks that offer experiences related to nature that are found in Riviera Maya. It is very close to Playa del Carmen and, like others which are in the area of Quintana Roo, it presents an activity in nature that allows visitors to discover the gems that are hidden in the places of Quintana Roo.

The park Río Secreto is located in Playa del Carmen and is a place where you can swim and dive into a series of caves half-flooded that are interconnected and which hide a lot of rock formations and stalactites and stalagmites formed through millions of years thanks to the action of the water on the walls of the caves.

The park Río Secreto is composed of a series of flooded caves that allows you to dive and swim in them.

The half-flooded caves that make up the park Río Secreto were discovered in the year 2006, when the owner of the area saw an iguana and want to capture it; then he found the complex of caves that can be visited today. The itinerary of the caves was investigated and was mapped around 12 km circuit, with some 15 natural entrances along itself.

Known as the Grutas del Cristal (Crystal Caves), the structures that can be seen in them are very fragile and the slightest friction can destroy the work that has taken millions of years to become a reality. Stalactites and stalagmites make up a magical and unique, apart from the spectacular landscapes that can be found in Riviera Maya.

The tour through the park Río Secreto tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and the Park Rio Secreto offers the complements that are needed for snorkeling along the river that runs through these caves. The current tour is about 600 meters, which have been enabled so that they can be visited both to swim and walk.

There is a shuttle service from Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cancun and the complex itself offers a service of buffet, drinks and changing rooms with lockers to keep belongings and molt after this special bath in the park Río Secreto.