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MUSA, Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun

Sinking into the waters of Riviera Maya is one of the great pleasures that we have to enjoy at least once in life. In addition to a large and varied marine life, corals and the typical flora of this amazing place, there is the possibility of finding a big surprise: a submerged museum featuring some of the works of prestigious sculptors from various countries.

The MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte ) was created in 2009 as the possibility of creating a new coral reef, while taking advantage of the artistic work of various artists. To achieve this, environmentally friendly materials are used and that favor that corals are seated on them and can grow without problems and offering them food and protection.

The MUSA was created with the idea of creating a basis for a new coral reef, with environment-friendly materials that help them to grow.

In the MUSA it is possible to go diving through 420 square meters of its facilities. There are two rooms in the MUSA, Salon Manchones and Salon Nizuc. In the first of these, statues are located eight meters deep, while in the second one they are at a depth of four meters.

The first Salon can be visited making a traditional diving with oxygen cylinders, while the second requires to be visited snorkeling. In the MUSA Museum you can see 450 statues, representing people. The models for these statues have been residents of Puerto Morelos, a fishing village near Cancun.

The MUSA Museum has become one of the most popular diving spots in the world and it is visited each year by hundreds of thousands of people. Diving through this collection of statues, many of which have already been taken by the first corals, is a strange and pleasant feeling since you can enjoy the mankind art altogether with the one brought by nature.