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Hotels in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya affordable for everyone

Hotels in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya affordable for everyone

Visit Playa del Carmen, this settlement of Riviera Maya plenty of activities to enjoy your holidays and with breathtaking corners where nature explodes with all its glory, is possible thanks to the great variety of hotels offering its facilities to the visitors. From big resorts where everything is possible to small establishments that enable sleep and live the intense experiences that only can be found there.

Resorts are large installations, designed to make possible that tourists live every experience without leaving the facility. The all-included is its motto, a wristband that allows access to all the services of the hotel without having to pay anything, nor meals, nor beverages or services. It is the most expensive option, but the relation quality-price is the best. Not having to spend anything else than the hired, a tranquility that is the best option when preparing for the holidays.

Small hotels, a cheaper option not to miss a single thing of Playa del Carmen.

In addition to these great resorts, Playa del Carmen has a lot of small properties that, without offering all services that have these others, allow to experience the holiday in a different way, by integrating into the life of Playa del Carmen. Many hotels, although they do not have the services of bigger hotels, count with a pool and the possibility of having a full-board.

Furthermore, there are many hotel establishments that are Bed and Breakfast, i.e. that only provide bed and breakfast. The rest of meals can be made in any of the restaurants that open in the village. Both in Quinta Avenida, the main artery of Playa del Carmen, as in the rest of the town streets. In them you can enjoy Mexican cuisine, but also specialties from all around the world, such as Italian, French, Asian food or other nationalities.

This great hotel offer makes Playa del Carmen an ideal destination, whatever it would be the budget available for the holidays. From large resorts to family establishments, there are prices for all those who want to spend a few days in Riviera Maya and feel in paradise.