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Diving in the coral reef of Puerto Morelos

Diving in the coral reef of Puerto Morelos

One of the most sought activities in Riviera Maya is the possibility of diving in the clear and clean waters of the Caribbean Sea. In them, you can see many species of the rich marine fauna that inhabit these waters. You can swim with them and get to know them from a very close distance, enjoying the wonderful view offered by this area of the Riviera Maya. Furthermore, in Puerto Morelos, there is an incentive makes it such a way more interesting and impressive place.

In front of the coasts of Puerto Morelos several boats were sunk, most of them warships which have served as the basis of the growth of a large colony of corals. These make up an artificial reef that conforms the ideal place that is visited by thousands of fans of this sport that are willing to practice their hobby.

The General Anaya ship or the gunboat Escutia are some of the wrecks that can be visited in Puerto Morelos.

Puerto Morelos is a protected area, that hides a lot of marine fauna that receive the attention of the State so that it will not only be a tourist attraction, but also sustainable and compatible with nature. Thus, in this area you can see stingrays, barracudas, groupers and corals among other species that swim around the diver.

In addition, the presence of several wrecks of warships serves as a basis for the creation of coral reefs. These boats sank a few decades ago to help the formation of reefs and today are a place to visit. Because these boats have their stays open and are perfectly open to visitors. Divers can go through the parts of the ships without any risk and know how they were on the inside.

Both in Playa del Carmen and Cancun and other localities of Riviera Maya you can find companies that arrange tours to Puerto Morelos and let you enjoy the experience of diving by these artificial reefs and know closer the boats that serve as basis, in the company of the species that live in them.