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Dive with turtles in Akumal, Riviera Maya

Dive with turtles in Akumal, Riviera Maya

One of the biggest lures when visiting Riviera Maya is the possibility to discover the varied marine fauna that exists on the coast of this special place in Mexico. The chance of diving with this fauna is rather exciting and it should be enjoyed with tranquility and calm. One of the best places to dive in, in the company of turtles, is Akumal, whose name means “Place of turtles” in the Mayan language.

Akumal Beach is only 38 kilometers far from Playa del Carmen and is one of the most beautiful places to snorkel in and enjoy the presence of white and loggerhead turtles, reaching a length of one meter and a weight of about 150 kilos. These animals go to Akumal to spawn and it is easy to see them swimming very close to the shore or even approaching to the beach.

In Akumal it is also found the Akumal Ecological Center (CEA), which is dedicated to the study and care of these chelonians, guaranteeing their security and trying to keep the habitat in the most sustainable manner possible so that tourism does not affect them in a damaging way.

The experience of diving with these animals is something wonderful that allows getting to know closely  turtles, sharing their space, but always with respect and without excessively interfering in their life. In the area there is the possibility of hiring organized tours, which approach to the places where a larger number of turtles is concentrated and is easier to see them.

However, the presence of turtles in Riviera Maya, and especially in the Akumal area is so large that they can be seen almost anywhere. On the beach you can find several establishments that offer equipment for diving with snorkel for a very low price and offer signals to places near the coast and which can be reached without any problems, to dive in the company of the turtles of Akumal.

Akumal is you can also enjoy a good day, since on the beach there are very good restaurants in which it is possible to taste both Mexican and international meals, as well as counting with very good and elegant hotels and resorts where you can spend a few days with a great variety of activities.