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Typical cocktails in Playa del Carmen

Typical cocktails in Playa del Carmen

As each area of the world, Riviera Maya has also developed its own cuisine over the years in the kitchens of their homes and then moved to the restaurants that tourists visit throughout the year. It is not only counts with rich and diverse dishes, but also combined for those that make the stay at any of the hotels of Playa del Carmen next to the pool a pleasure.

Many bartenders serving at the nightclubs of Playa del Carmen and other nearby towns have developed several combined collecting part of the history and the tradition of the area of the Riviera Maya. They are combined that are not typically found in other parts of the world. They are the work of the cocktail teachers who work in bars and which are offered so we can be able to detect the flavors and blends of Playa del Carmen.

Signature cocktails that you’ll only find in Playa del Carmen and in Riviera Maya

  • Amanecer tropical: This combo is made with Coconut Rum, banana liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice and dark rum. The combination of these ingredients brings a natural touch, the contrast with the two types of rum and the forcefulness of the banana. Orange juice gives the color, clarified by the pineapple. A natural and very refreshing combined.
  • Iguana Maya: Within its ingredients stand gin, vodka, melon juice , lemon and soda. This combined tastes dry, with a touch of acid. The green color provides a more solid look and is recommended for those who enjoy with these heavier spirits.
  • Caribe Azul: With white rum, Coconut cream, pineapple juice, blue curaçao, this combined presents the characteristic blue color that brings this last ingredient. It is a very tropical and refreshing blend with the combined flavor of coconut and pineapple with the taste of alcohol brought by the rum.
  • Margarita Alejibre: This variant of the typical Mexican combination has ingredients that make it something new and original. In addition to the tequila and lemon juice it includes tamarind and orange liqueur. The salt on the rim of the cup can not be missed, of course.
  • Atardecer: Possibly, the name of this combined comes from the color that reminds to the sky’s tone at this time of the day. It is made with pineapple, orange juice and strawberry, adding Gin and grenadine.

These combined are not available in all sites, since some of them can only be ordered in bars where they have been created. Anyway, you should be surprised by cocktails that have been created to make the experience of visiting the Riviera Maya somewhat intractable.

Enjoy the best cocktails in Playa del Carmen.