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Weather in Riviera Maya

It is important to know the weather forecast of our travel destination in order to include one type of clothes or another in our luggage.

What to visit from Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen which, due to its precise location, is known as the Heart of Riviera Maya, from that place we recommend you to visit these 10 beautiful places.

Diving in Playa del Carmen

Thanks to the reefs that are located near Playa del Carmen, boarding time is much shorter, so we can enjoy much more time of the practice of diving. Between the months of June to September, it is possible to enjoy the great whale shark, because its migratory path brings them to the North of the […]

Quinta Avenida , the heart of Playa del Carmen

This pedestrian street is the main shopping point of the city and where are concentrated the main shops, bars, restaurants and tourist offer of Playa del Carmen. Whatever you’re looking for, you will find it there.

Visit the Xcaret Park

The Eco Archeological Park Xcaret, very close to Playa del Carmen, is characterized by its respect for the environment and the Mexican culture in all its forms, from Mayan to the colonial era.

Dive with turtles in Akumal, Riviera Maya

Akumal not only offers the possibility of enjoying a few fun days diving in the company of turtles, but it also hides many surprises to make quite entertaining the visit to its wonderful beaches.

Visit the caves in Aktun Chen in Riviera Maya

One of the most intense experiences that you can find on your trip to Riviera Maya is swimming in cenotes of the caves in Aktun Chen, where the water for millions of years has created a spectacular scenery within the Earth, which you can enjoy swimming in.

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