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Typical cocktails in Playa del Carmen

As each area of the world, Riviera Maya has also developed its own cuisine over the years in the kitchens of their homes and then moved to the restaurants that tourists visit throughout the year. It is not only counts with rich and diverse dishes, but also combined for those that make the stay at […]

Festival Sea Walls Murals, 30 artists to decorate the island of Cozumel

Art is one of the supports forming a culture and a place where culture is something as important as the Riviera Maya, is something fundamental. That is the reason why Cozumel island has been the place chosen to give shape to a project that will bring the art of 30 artists to the inhabitants of […]

Sport fishing in Riviera Maya

Apart from the possibility to dive with the most varied animals that live in the Riviera Maya, the aquatic activities are endless in this heavenly tourist destination of the Yucatan peninsula. Sport fishing is one of the nicest and most attractive one. Thousands of tourists, lovers of the fishing, have a wide variety of species […]

Golf in Playa del Carmen

Golf fans have several fields in Riviera Maya to practice their favorite sport also during holidays and those who want to learn how to do it, also have their opportunity thanks to the schools that exist in the different golf clubs.

Speedboat in Riviera Maya: A unique feeling at high speeds

Among the acquatic activities offered in Riviera Maya it is the possibility of travelling by Speedboat, boats are fitted with a Honda motor outboards which allows you to navigate at high speeds through the transparent waters of Riviera Maya.

Chichen Itzá, the most important remains of Riviera Maya

When you think of remains of the Mayan civilization, the first city that comes up to your mind is Chichen Itzá, the most important and best known of Riviera Maya. In fact, these remains have been considered as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It is one of the best-preserved and most […]

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