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Eating lobster in Riviera Maya

When traveling to Riviera Maya, there is something that should not be missed in the visitor’s table. It’s popular lobster, a dish that is considered luxury and is indispensable in the visit to Riviera Maya. What visitors may not know is that it is one of the best capured sea pieces in the area of […]

Boca Paila, a fishing village in Sian Ka´an

Tulum is a very special Riviera Maya corner, although it has not only as a known attraction the ruins of the Mayan city which receives many visits within the year. In its surroundings there are very breathtaking places that almost escape from the crowds that occur elsewhere in Riviera Maya. In the South of Tulum […]

Discover the Mayan cuisine

Mayan cuisine can be tasted in some of the tourist attractions especially designed in Riviera Maya. In many of them, the original taste has been adapted to the current tastes, although the ingredients enjoyed in its origins are still used. Corn, chili and meat from animals that are common in Riviera Maya are the main […]

Tequila: the national beverage of Mexico

When traveling to Mexico, there are things that should not be forgotten. One of them is to enjoy the friendliness of the people of that happy country, the quality of their services to visitors and the richness of its gastronomy. But also don’t miss the try of the national beverage of the country. Always with […]

Visit Tulum: some useful tips

The walled city of Tulum is located in the south of Playa del Carmen and is very easy to access this renowned tourist city of Riviera Maya. There is the  possibility of approaching by a very reduced price to this destination by public transport, as well as numerous tours, which you can book from your […]

Discover the second reef in Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya area has many interesting places, places that take us back to the Mayan civilization or that show us the benefits of overflowing nature that explodes in the jungle that grows in Quintana Roo. You can enjoy the great adventures that this area offers you. Diving can be practiced in the sea that […]

The Temple of Kukuklan at Chichen Itza

If there is a Mayan city that holds many secrets and is the most visited of Riviera Maya, this is Chichén Itzá. It is located about 181 kilometers from Playa del Carmen and with beautiful beaches, which represents a journey of two hours from this interesting tourist spot. The city was built in the year […]

Diving among sunk ships in Riviera Maya

One of the activities to do in Riviera Maya is diving. Clean and clear waters of the coast of Riviera Maya allow you to watch and enjoy the presence of several marine species that coexist with divers in a spectacular framework under the surface of the water. But there are different ways to make that […]

The fields of the ball game at Chichén Itzá

The ball game was the most popular sport of the Mayan era and in every city there are, at least, a field devoted to this game. But, unlike what happens today, this ball game had ritual connotations and was a game where the participants faced each other, but the one who lost suffered a tragic […]

San Miguel de Cozumel, the most important place of Cozumel

Visiting Cozumel Island is one of the pleasures that can be experienced in the Riviera Maya. In this island you can breathe the atmosphere of the Mexican Caribbean and is ideal for long strolls and a great variety of water sports. From diving to water skiing, surfing and other possibilities are some of the examples […]

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