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Diving among sunk ships in Riviera Maya

Diving among sunk ships in Riviera Maya

One of the activities to do in Riviera Maya is diving. Clean and clear waters of the coast of Riviera Maya allow you to watch and enjoy the presence of several marine species that coexist with divers in a spectacular framework under the surface of the water. But there are different ways to make that experience even more shocking and surprising.

In the past decades it was chosen to create new artificial reefs off the coast of several towns in Riviera Maya. To do so, it was thought to give a practical and ecological utility to several warships that had become obsolete. The solution came by making them sink at predetermined points and allow that the flora and marine fauna made a hole between the wreck and formation of an artificial reef that would live in these species and that you can enjoy strolling through the underwater.

Diving among several sunken ships is one of the most intense experiences in Riviera Maya.

One of the most popular sunken vessels and the one receiving more visits of divers is the C-56 Juan Escutia. It is located opposite to Puerto Morelos and it was sunk in the year 2000. It’s a U.S. military ship that was sold to the Mexican Government and which ran as one of the elected to be part of this program of artificial reefs.

This ship is located about two nautical miles of Puerto Morelos and happens to be one of the big attractions of the area. The seasoned diver can explore the different rooms of the boat and know how it was before being sunk and converted into the home of innumerable marine species.

56 meters in length and despite being sunk it can be seen in its original configuration. From Puerto Morelos or Playa del Carmen, there are many excursions that take divers to the sunken wreck and allows to dive with it. However, is not a trip for everyone as it requires a degree and a very concrete experience. It is not a simple walk but it is certainly that it is worthwhile.

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