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Visit the natural well Chaak Tun (Cenote Chaak Tun) in Riviera Maya

Visit the natural well Chaak Tun (Cenote Chaak Tun) in Riviera Maya

In Riviera Maya, it is usual to find a large number of natural wells (known as cenotes in Spanish/Mexican), small natural pools which are open in the limestone and during centuries have been used to perform various rituals by pre-Columbian inhabitants who lived in this area. Today these are visited to practice scuba-diving and it is possible to snorkel in most of them.

One of the most visited in Riviera Maya is the Cenote Chaak Tun, which is a few kilometers far from Playa del Carmen and can be visited by car. To get to the Cenote Chaak Tun in Playa del Carmen (Riviera Maya) it is available the possibility of taking a taxi from the city center, at a cost around x pesos (around x euros).

Cenote Chaak Tun is open the entire year, with a schedule of 08:00 a.m. until 16:30 in the afternoon and it can be visited both with an organized visit as on your own. The price for entry is x pesos (x euros) for adults, although Mexicans can access for x pesos (x euros). Equipment for snorkeling can be rented at the area itself, so it is not necessary to bring it from the hotel.

Usually, people goes to the Cenote Chaak Tun during the morning, so it is recommendable to go after 1 in the afternoon, when the volume of people has declined and it is possible to visit it with fewer people and in a much more comfortable atmosphere .

The magic of swimming in the Cenote Chaak Tun of Riviera Maya.

The way to access the Cenote Chaak Tun is going through a long boardwalk, which runs along part of Riviera Maya‘s jungle up to the entrance to the cave. Then you access the first cenote, with such clear and clean waters that invites the visitor to enjoy bathing in the interior. As a curious fact, in this first cenote there is a replica of the Virgin of Guadalupe in stone somewhere in the depth. One of the attractions is diving to find it and enjoy its contemplation, that, in this context, is spectacular.

The second cenote comes next, but it is accessed via an spiral staircase. Before entering this second cenote it is possible to appreciate a Mayan altar, where this village performed ceremonial acts, which attests the importance that this cenote had for them.

In terms of services, the Cenote Chaak Tun in Riviera Maya has an area to change clothes and running water to take a shower after the experience of bathing in its two areas of diving. Access is simple and anyone can enjoy this bath inside the caves, including children.

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